Kwality and Sulpha Nigeria Ltd. uses state of the art equipment in carrying out its projects and also employs the services of competent and reputable professionals in all our projects to meet the industry standards and customers deeds.      

Our Operations: We operate two audio digital sound studios (Sulpha Musical & midi Sound Studios), and use professional video production facilities for optimum quality and provide mass dubbing and recording services for CD/DVD, audio & Video cassette in all formats. The company also operates a well equipped computer graphic department (Kwality Grafiks) to support our numerous services. We also undertake publishing and printing consultancies for government ministries, Parastatals, companies and individuals. Similarly our services are also available for training in all aspects of media/communication work and computer services.

Over the years the company has worked for professional media producers, government establishments, private companies and individuals across the nation.

Kwality & Sulpha Nigeria Ltd. is always willing to provide samples of our works on request to attest to the quality of our services. Our company operates by engaging the services of professional staff and consultants on its project.

We are also willing to furnish our clients with detailed information of our major consultants background and expertise if need be.